Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ape ape aje...

Ok, even though I was ill last Saturday, I was still able to make it to a nearby Restaurant for lunch.. it was Hubby's idea to have our lunch there, I forgot the name of the Restaurant... well, the usual me... :)

Don't let your mouth water for seeing this pic orait, count my word for that, it doesn't taste as nice as it seems.. mmmm..
infact, I still have some left over of it... hahaha.. nobody wants it, nak buang sayang la pulak.. huhu
The thing is, hubby craved for KFC finger licking good chicken, but the nearest KFC here is not within walking distance. We have to take a bus, and the bus fare is about 3.60euro per person (pegi balik), and I'm the only one requires a ticket, hubby and Afeef have their own as they travel everyday and Fatini and Aleena require no ticket of course. And of course 3.60euro is a lot, we can get a few cartons of milk with that amount of money.. and I understand, he's trying to save some money this month for he's going to take us for an awesome trip this coming wekend, insyaAllah..

However, after he had a few bites of the 'supposedly KFC substitute', frustratingly he said,
"The taste is not even close to KFC..."
oowwhhh... poor hubby... I felt bad for him..
We should just go to KFC kan...
Nevertheless, at least Afeef enjoyed it hehe... :)

On the way home, we saw a Funfair pulak in conjunction with this Fasching week, so Afeef begged to let him have this ride. And guess what? The fare for this ride is 1.80euro for each children, so for both Fatini and Afeef, hubby had to pay 3.60euro!! The exact same amount as the bus fare!
The thing is, I'm sure hubby would definitely pay for the bus fare if it's either me or the kids who was craving for KFC chicken. I know he would, not even reluctantly. This is sooo like him, always hold back what he wants so he culd spend the money on other things that are more beneficial..
Well, is this 'ride' more beneficial than the bus fare?
I guess yeah...
Seeing those happy faces, it's really worth it :)
I shall say, the story is actually bout 'Pengorbanan seorang bapa' la, hehe..
Sweet papa... :)


ishamizu said...

:) bapa2 agknya mmg camtu kn..Hisham pun sama, suka lbh kn ktrg dpddiri dia seniri..kdg2 kesian je tgk..

Wah, nk pg on trip??? bestnyaaaa..! enjoy the trip..n alhamdulillah akk dh care ye kak! mmuahs to ur kids k..;)

sitiezahim said...

hehe kami dolu pon kalu nak ke kfc dusseldorf kene pikir byk kali, sbb nak bas+tren RE+Sbahn+bas..leceh sejak kfc Essen dah halal ni senang sket..hehe

Frau Azmir said...

Izu: thanx!! dah lama x gi jalan jauh ke mana2 coz aleena kecik, ni la baru nak gi jauh sket, ye la kuar dari Deutschland la hehe.. insyaAllah kalau x de pe2 aral.. :)
Syukur la kite dapat suami yg baik and brtanggungjawab kan :)

Frau Azmir said...

hajar: memang pun, sejak dok cni baru skali je gi KFC rasenye.. sy x kisah sgt coz bukan suke sgt KFC since kat m'sia pun camtu.. azmer yg suke sgt, sian kat die hehe..

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