Monday, March 28, 2011

Make The Best Out Of Everything...

I have made a few decisions yesterday, one of it was to ultimately let go of something which I believed was going to get better with time, but unfortunately, it's not, it got worst... so just leave it, and look at other more precious things I have in life..
2nd, I'll reduce the time I spend everyday in front of the PC, and I'll focus more on teaching Afeef.. he's going to be 7 years old on November this year!!!! Which means, he's going to have to perform the 5 times prayer a day without fail. I'm gonna have to ensure that he'll be able to recite all the surah perfectly, and also teach him other things too, like Mathematics, English, Science etc etc... Surprised and excited to see how much he has improved for the past few months, credits to my hubby too for all his effort, ajar mengaji, reading etc etc..
I was also surprised to see Fatini and her interest to learn 'Iqra'. Evryday after Maghrib prayer papa wuld say, "Afeef, meh mengaji, ambik buku Iqra"
Then Fatini wuld excitedly say, "Fatini dulu !!!!"
And she wuld start first before Afeef, hahah !!! This is the crucial time where we as a parents should take advantage of, when the kids are so excited to learn, anything, everything !!!!
Mistakes were when many of us just let the kids play by themselves, or just let them watch TV all day.. So, lets try to make the best out of everything !!!

Family taking a walk in the park together

3rd, I'll put more effort on learning Deutsch. For the first time yesterday, I really understood the differences between Nominative, Akkusative, Genitive and Dative and its usage.. Credits to my hubby again for the valuable lesson.. I know, wats the point of going to class when my hubby can teach me, plus the lessons were conducted in 100% Deutsch, sometimes I culdn't quite comprehend what the teacher was saying, but it's ok.. the most valuable thing when I go to class, is the opportunity to mingle with others, and apply what I've learnt.
Deutsch is a bit more complicated than English but lots of similarities.. like if I wanna say,
"This is my daughter" in Deutsch it wuld sound like this, "Das ist meine tochter"... see the similarities? And of course ade maskulin and feminin which complicates the language, a bit like Bahasa Arab, but easier kot.. More difficult than English but easier than Arabisch.

Gray Haired Woman Who Likes to Read

Ok, 4th, I'm going to make full use of all the times that I have, and make the best out of everything, I'll read whenever I have time, get as much knowledge as possible ! This is important, KNOWLEDGE !!! And one of the way to obtain knowledge is thru reading,
"Read! In the name of your God who created" Surah Al-Alaq, Ayat 1.
Knowledge can make us a better person, make us understand the facts of life better, make us realize the rights and wrongs, etc etc...

Tray of Veggie Snacks

Lastly, I'll try my best to prepare nutritious food for my kids everyday, 'We are what we eat', never take this lightly, it is soooo true.. So happy to see Afeef and Fatini munching on microwave-cooked Broccoli yesterday :)

Everything that happened memang ade hikmah nye !! I have experienced this many many times... just be thankful and bersyukur always always...
The most obvious example is with Fatini and her constipation problems.. She had it so bad last time and she'd cry badly every time she needs to pass her stool. I had inadvertently complaint in my heart, how culd this happened to her???... I felt so devastated especially when one time her anus had torn a bit due to the hard stools... so because of this traumatic experience, I made sure she had fruits in her diet everyday, and making sure she drinks plenty of water. And guess what, recently we were down with coughs and flu and she's not even the least affected !! All because of her healthy diet and of course, Allah's will !! God help those who helped themselves rite? And now she goes to toilet everyday and consistently, no more pain... Alhamdulillah..

Anyway, there are far better things in life which we often overlooked. We just have to sit and think for a while, betapa banyak nye nikmat yang Allah berikan... We must always always thank Allah for everything, even for the smallest thing... and when we were tested by Allah SWT, never ever stop being thankful, coz no matter how He tested us, He'd still give us many many other great and wonderful things in life.... Syukur Alhamdulillah...

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