Monday, March 21, 2011

A Fly.....?

Yesterday was soooo sunny and a bit warm, so I opened almost all windows in the house. We don't get to do this everyday depending on the temperature. So yesterday, we did..
As I was busy in the kitchen, Fatini came and busy bodying, hahah her usual self laaa... she loves to help me in the kitchen, not because she's a girl (like most people would say), but I guess kids at this age are all the same regardless of their gender. Afeef used to be like that too.. but I'd never really encouraged him coz I hate the mess he would make in the kitchen.. **sigh** my fault, now he's no longer interested to help me in the kitchen..
So realizing my mistake, I've always encouraged Fatini to do watever she wants to do in the kitchen, walaupun in the end the kitchen would end up damn messy !!
Ok, dah lari dari topic hehe, what I wanted to share here, as I was busy in the kitchen, suddenly Fatini said,
"Mama, ape tuh ??!!"
So I looked at the direction she's poiting... this time it was not a cat, it was something flying...
Guess what it was???

A fly...

The last time we had seen a fly was in October last year, if I'm not mistaken. It's been 6 months wihout a single fly around and already she's forgotten all bout it... hahah..
Oh my doter, haritu cat, now lalat pulak.. lepas ni ape pulak agaknye ye ?? hehe..

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