Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SoMe Tips...

Many of my friends complained about the stress and depression that they had to go thru when they followed their hubby studying abroad. Usually, the situation is even harder when the wife had to quit her job, and stop earning her own money and than stay at home most of the days, with whining and crying kids. In a foreign country with no family and friends, anybody in this situation would easily feel at loss...
Alhamdulillah, I've never really suffered from this kind of problem, perhaps because I've never worked after I've finished a degree, my life immediately began at home with crying and whining children, hehe and I've never earned my own money..
Which is why living here is no problem for me, plus I have my own activities and most importantly hobbies.

So, I just wanna share some tips for those who's going to live abroad temporarily while waiting for their hubby to finish..

1st of all, make sure you gonna have something you enjoy doing everyday.. for example;

~~ Reading. This is fun for me! And novels can be found easily, everywhere you go.. if you don't like reading, then try now, i'm sure you'll fall in love with the habbit, start with interesting novels, like Sophie Kinsella's books.

~~ Cooking. Oh this is fun too! You can try new recipes everyday, cakes, muffins, etc etc..

~~ Make friends, have fun with your friends, don't just live your life in your own world, it will only add more stress to you and the kids..

~~ Go out and have fun a few times a week, even if you have to do it alone, but this one I don't really recommend, because for me, when I go out, I'd definitely find something to buy and sometimes it's not even necessary, so duit pun habis hehe..

~~ Take an opportunity to learn something while you are living abroad, anything, as for me, I take Deutsch course !

~~ If you have a certain hobby, this will really help. Like, I love playing the piano, then I look forward to it everyday, I have no time to feel stress or depress !!

The more preoccupied you are, the less stress and depress you'll be..

As for me, I think I have a busy days, fetch my boy from school, help him with his homework, do my own Deutsch homework, study the language, spend sometimes for reading, entertaining the kids, playing piano, baking, etc etc...
I consider myself lucky, coz Hubby found for us a comfortable house with wonderful view, so near to town, and just a few steps away from the library.. next plan is to bring the kids over there everyday.. insyaAllah..
And I don't need so much to make my day..

Oh believe me, life is great anywhere, everywhere, when you want it to be !!


ishamizu said...

Agreed! Hihi bg izu i love living abroad too. So many new things we can explore n discover kn..klu tk kuar mana2 pon dh mmg bz dgn ank2 assignment n reading. ;D tp Rindu family kt msia tu adatla kan..so tgl brp thn je lg ni so i better make the most of it!

Ps. Tak kuar la video akk main piano kt phone sy ni sbb i tak install flash ke.:(

sitiezahim said...

saya enjoy dan bersyukur dpt merasa hidup di sini sbb dapat rest dr keje opis dlm jangkamasa yg laaaamaaaa hehe...bagi saya mcm mimpi indah je dan nak nikmati puas2 dgn hobi baru, layan koreeeaaaa....:D

Frau Azmir said...

izu: agreed too!! lets make the most out of all the times we have left. nak balik M'sia nnt sure sedih gak tinggal kan kenangan2 manis kat sini.. baru imagine je pun dah rase sedih huhu.. kalau bukan sebab family kan, akak rasa lebih sronok dok negara orang ni, hehe, barang murah, jiwa tenang, jenayah kurang, orang2 nye beradab and baik hati, etc etc :)

oh, patut la izu salu x dapat nengok video akak main piano, nanti I'll tag u kat FB ok :) x best mana pun hehe..

Frau Azmir said...

hajar: thats great!! so positive thinking.. bersyukur and guna peluang yg ade utk enjoy life tanpa perlu kluar bekerja and dapat spend time fully ngan anak2 sambil layan citer korea hehehehe..
sama la kite, sy pun sgt brsyukur dapat sampai sini and enjoy sgt life kat sini :) Alhamdulillah...

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