Monday, February 7, 2011

A vEry SpEciAL BoY..

I think I'm truly blessed... if Fatini often gives me a hard time, then Afeef on the other hand always touches my heart and always make me feel genuinely loved..
The other day, I culdn't remember how I got my hands all yellow, and even after I washed them several times, still the color remained. Afeef got all anxious bout it and thought that I got some sort of a disease.
It was past his bedtime at the time, so I asked him to go to bed, stop worrying bout me, and I assured him that the yellow color was just a color and it wuld eventually disappear.
But, when I checked on him a few minutes later, he was still awake with this worried look on his face. So I asked him,
"Nape x tido lagi?"
"Kalau mama sakit, Afeef harapkan Afeef sakit macam mama jugak.."
Ayat sebijik camni ok, I culdn't help but feeling amused, dah la ayat power, pastu worry bout unnecessary stuffs haha! But still, I knew what he's getting at, I was kinda feeling touched already..
So I asked again, "Ye ke... nape cakap camtu?"
Then he said wholeheartedly,
"Sebab Afeef saaayang sangat mama, biar la Afeef pun sakit jugak.."
Owwwwhhh... so sweet of him..

When he was 4 years old, he had once refused to finish his meal, he said he was full, and then without realizing it, I had somehow made a sad face..
He quickly asked,
"Nape muka mama camtu?"
"mmm, mama sedih la, makanan x abis, membazir je.."
Then suddenly, he said.. "Mama, tiba2 Afeef rasa lapar, afeef nak makan lagi.."
I looked at him in surprise, and culdn't help smiling, and my face must av lighten up!
But, as he was chewing, suddenly he looks like as if he was going to gag.
"Afeef nak muntah ke? Nape?" I asked.
He nod his head with this sad look on his face... I quickly guessed,
"Afeef x lapar pun kan?? Nape makan jugak? mama x marah pun klu x abis.."
"Tapi mama buat muka camtu.."
"Muka cammana?" I asked.
"Muka sedih.. Afeef x nak mama sedih..."
Adoi, he was only 4 years old, and already he was so concern bout me being sad.. I culdn't even remember myself worrying bout my mother at such age!
Even if it's common for all children to behave like this, I still think my boy is very very special in his very own way... :)


ishamizu said...

Awh so sweet of afeef. i'm sure he's a special boy..;)ni yg tak sabar nk dpt bby boy gak ni..hihihi

Nadiya said...

wa~ sweetnya afeef...harap2 baby dlm perut ni pun sweet & caring terhadap mamanya nanti macam afeef...hehe

Frau Azmir said...

izu: doc cakap boy ke? waaahhh lengkap la klu dapat boy! ye la dah 2 girls kan, ade satu boy mmg sronok! hehe
Actually, girl ke boy ke dua2 bole jd anak yg caring depending on how we raise them, Afeef maybe lmbat dpt adik kot, so die dpt bnyk attention and care, fatini pulak cepat dpt adik, so x sempat nak spend time sgt ngan die :( tu yg perangai jd len sket, agaknye laa.. hehe
ape pun, doa utk anak2 ni jgn putus selagi masih brnyawa. hanya Allah je yg bole jdkan and tentukan sesuatu tu, insyaAllah, anak2 izu pun akan jd soleh solehah, caring, etc etc :)

Frau Azmir said...

Nad: InsyaAllah your anak akan jd lebih baik dr Afeef , akak doakan :)

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