Thursday, February 24, 2011

NoThiNg In CoMmOn...?

"We have nothing in common.."
This is the typical answer when asked why their relationship never worked out, or why they've ended up divorced. Typical typical, other than 'we were never meant to be together'..
Is this thing about having something or many things in common truly important??
To be honest, I used to think the same way, but now no more. I have come to realized that 'Having lots of things in common' does not guarantee happiness. Let me tell you my story...
Me and Hubby have almost nothing in common, seriously, almost nothing!!

I love musics, playing piano is my passion, guitar or any kind of musical instruments, and he loves them not haha..
I love horror and romantic movies, he loves action movies..
He has such passions for world issues, talk shows, and he could sit for hours in front of the TV listening to the news and I have no interest in them.. hehe
He loves all the scholastic reading materials, I only read novels.. haha
I have passions for food, new recipes, cakes, but he never cares bout how they taste like, he just eats them as long as they were edible.
I'm crazy bout coffee, and he loves them not..
I prefer to stay at home but he loves travelling, go out and see the world!
He loves all kinds of sports, I on the other hand prefer to be the spectator hehe..
He goes out to town only when we have things to buy, but I love window shopping haha!
He has positive attitude towards anything and always was so sure of what he wanna become, whereas I always find things difficult to deal with and still uncertain of what I wanna become..
There are many many more, in short, whenever I listen to this song by Juliana Barnos, I will think of us, as if this song tells a story bout us;

"Ku ke kiri, kau ke kanan,
ku di belakang, kau di hadapan,
Bila ku marah, kau ketawa,
Dengan selamba, kau berkata,
Kita berdua jauh berbeza, Langit dan bumi tapi serasi,
Mencintaimu, mencintaiku,
Itu saja yang perlu kau dan ku tahu..."

I was aware of this facts long time ago even before we were married and I used to wonder,
'Could we ever make it? We have almost nothing in common..'
and now, after living together for more than 7 years, I've come to realized the absurdity of that 'we have nothing in common' statement. And if given a chance that I could somehow go back in time, I would still marry no other but him. Even though we have nothing in common, we've learnt to respect each other's interest, and learned to love them too..
Then again, hubby has what it takes to be a good husband and father.. he's a very responsible man, fulfilling our needs in every single aspects, love us, care for us, he's the family man...
he changed diapers for the kids, bathed them when they were only a few days old, stayed up all night with them when they were sick, and I know there are lots of  other men out there that do the same thing but there are also many others that don't, and I'm thankful for he is in the first category.. and most importantly, he'd never asked me to be anything or anyone else but ME.... To hubby, insyaAllah you are the only LOVE of my life...


Muneerah said...

Good's true.. it also made me think bcoz i keep on focusing on the differences.. and always ask the same question "are we gonna make it??" :)

Frau Azmir said...

mmmmm... nampaknye cik muneerah dah ade smbody special? kikiki.. ape pun, dun always focus on differences and keburukan seseorang, nobody's perfect kan. and nak chose partner for life ni bukan benda remeh temeh.. so always2 pray to Allah for guidance and also istikharah.

sitiezahim said...

sama la ngan saya..biasanya sikap yg buruk2 sket tuh pegi ke saya la..hahaha..yg positip2 tuh ke by the way thanks a lot atas entri meaningfull to me..

Frau Azmir said...

hajar: agaknye mmg prkara biase la org lelaki ni lebih positive and also lebih matured, brsesuaian ngan title ketua keluarga tuh kan.. I dun know zahim personally, but azmer pernah cakap zahim ni org yg baik, suka tolong orang, jujur and lemah lembut. klu betul, memang u are lucky la hajar. Jgn fikir sgt tentang differences, yg penting serasi and happy.

sitiezahim said...

hahaha gelak besar saya ana..paling tak tahan lemah lembut tuh la..:P
mm rasanya one word yg paling tepat adalah dia pon samalah dgn azmir, mmg x kekok unt mandikan anak dan bangun lucky we are kan..alhamdulillah :D

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