Wednesday, February 16, 2011

JuST ThE WaY ShE iS...

I always believe that psychological approach wuld always work for all children and I've been using that method in educating and bringing up my children for the past 6 years and it has always worked for Afeef... unfortunately, it is not as easy for Fatini as it was with Afeef ***sigh*** well, I guess Fatini is too special??? hehe..

She loves to snatch away watever Aleena's playing with, usually I wuld persuade her to return it back to Aleena, but she rarely listens.. aiyooo.. and always has something to say... like today, as Aleena was happily playing with her princess necklace, Fatini came to her and snatched it away;
"Ni Fatini punye rantai!"
Aleena started crying, so I said to her, "Fatini x baik ambik adik tengah main, sian die, Fatini baik kaaaannn??"
She just stood quietly, shaking her head..
I said again, "Fatini suke x kalau Fatini tgh main toys, tibe2 ade orang ambik toys tu?"
She looks thoughtful for a moment, then said,
" Sape ambik toys Fatini?"
Ok, now who should I say?? Afeef never snatch anything away from her, in fact, he would give in to her in anything! Even if he was playing with something and suddenly Fatini wants it, he would give it to her, sometimes without complaining!
So I said, "Kalau tibe2 mama ambik toys Fatini tu, Fatini suke x??"
Grinning she said " Ye suke.." hahahahhh
Ye la tu, she knew I wuld never snatch anything away from her!!

Anyway, she culdn't help herself sometimes, especially when it comes to her princess's stuffs.. but many times also, I noticed how she strokes Aleena's hair and back and hugs her when she was crying and I was in the middle of something couldn't come to her immediately for comfort. And Fatini was there to offer her one. There were times also, when she could restrain the urge to snatch away watever Aleena was playing with, and get something else from the toy box and offer it to Aleena for exchange. Hahaha smart kan? and sweet too..
Watever it is, no matter how notty she may gets sometimes, I always make sure that I hug and kiss her as much as I do for Aleena everyday.....

Ambik gambar Aleena ngan crown ni pun kena cepat2, sebelom Fatini nmpak Aleena pakai crown die hahah.


ishamizu said...

Hehe cute! Fatini mcm Zahin boleh tgk adik dia main brg dia..kdg2 bkn brg dia pun dia berebut jgk! kecian Iris. smala cam Fatini..bila time sweet-muit tuu..kemain lg dia dgn Iris, siap pgil Iris 'sayang' lg! hihihi.

Nway, btul tu..kene peluk n cium ank2 sll kn..kdg2 bila dh marah diorang ni rasa menyesal and sll menangis tgk ank2 innocent them!

sitiezahim said...

hehe anak2 sekarang kan lagi pandai dari kita ana...:D

Frau Azmir said...

Izu: betul, budak2 sungguh innocent, akak pun salu bergenang air mata bile tengok dioang tido, and nyesal sgt bile termarah dioang. Can't imagine life without them..

Hajar: ye la, agaknye permakanan kot buat dioang ni jadi pandai2 kan.

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