Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Memorable Moments in Koblenz..... ---<@

This is a very delayed entry, mmmmm... up till today, i'm still not in the mood to write,
I was in the mood to play Korean song gegege :D
Ok, back to the story, this was last last Saturday, 3rd of Mac, we had once again gathered in Kak pah's house in Koblenz.. :)
I wrote about our 'get together' session before, HERE.
This time, it was not just for us to get together, but also to celebrate Izfa, who'd just completed her PHD here, congrats to you, dearest Izfa.. :)

There Izfa, seating next to me :)
I'll never forget that brief moment I had with Izfa where she sort of delivered an 'usrah' hehehe..
I'll never forget those encouraging words from Izfa, I know, I'll definitely miss her and really look forward to meeting her again in Malaysia later.... :)

These were all the foods :)

We've missed this, because we were late.
Sape suruh sesat jauh ke Kaiserslautern kan hehehe...
Nevertheless, no matter how far, we would still try our best to make it, these were moments not to be missed :)

The three HOT mama huehehehehe !!
From left, Yla, little danish, Siti hajar, and... ME hehe

Me and Hajar (my sifu for roti, donut and pizza making hehe)..

Memorable moment :)
I didn't take any photos there, moments were too precious that I dared not waste any of it, so I borrowed all these photos form Siti hajar hehe, and also from Kak Hani (tudung hijau)
Izinkan sy share gambar2 di sini iye :)
It had been also one of the best and enjoyable wekend for me, we had a great laughs, great time together, everything was just great.. :)

We'll definitely miss u Izfa... :)

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Ninie Hanis said...

sy lupa nak komen psl bread maker yg akak beli tu.waah,sy teruja ok,sbb sy mmg ada niat nk beli one day.senang tak guna?akak punya brand apa?mesti lepas bakar bau semerbak 1 rumah..mmm (imaginasi).

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