Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Awesome wekend :)

Ok, this is another story for this past wekend, Mike came over again for a lunch at our place..

Tengok la sape yg mengade2 lagi hehehe...
Mama tengok pun tak tahaaaannnn ok..

Amboi amboi, with me, she'd always always insisted on feeding herself, but with Mike..??
Where have all this 'I'll do everything myself' attitude gone to?????
This is completely Double standards !!!
Oh, ngade2 sungguh... hehehehehe!!!

And also...
A few things Mike helped us bought this past wekend, he even helped carrying everything up the stairs, I couldn't thanked him enough for all the things he'd done for us..

And finally we bought this bread maker as well, been wanting to buy this for so long, but didn't know which one is the best, and saw this at the base with a very satisfying price, so we gave it no second thought, and grabbed it...

And look at our first bread.. hahaha
Hubby baked this, that Saturday night itself we've tasted our first bread, hehe, it tasted super special :)

On Sunday, we've decided to go to something like a yard sales held here every year..
There's books, clothes, photo frames, table cover, curtains, toys etc etc with a very good bargain.
Mike wanted to come along, we were more than happy to have him with us..
Honestly, he's like a family member already.. :)

And... look sape yg mengade2 lagi skali.. hehe

And, Fatini yg pemalu ni pun dah tak segan2 nak join sama hehe

Tak peduli mama and papa dah...

Nampak tu !! Atas riba Mike aje wah wah wah....!!!
Mike jugak la yg lap kan hingus die hehe..

Tengok air pancut bersama hehe.. sweet tak???

Mike is so nice and kind, very2 loving when it comes to kids, that I sometimes, many times actually, made 'doa' for him, may God guide him to the right path and may he finds the love of his life and have his own children and family and live happily with God's will...
May God bless him :)

Afterwards, we took him to a nearby Kebab house, it's his first time here, he enjoyed the food so much but then again he enjoys everything.. hehe..
Just like Victor and Lily, Mike enjoys new food, and he's interested to learn our culture and everything bout Malaysia...
So we bought him a book about Malaysia hehe..

mmmmmmmm... Hubby said something bout this photo, but I couldn't tell what it is hahahaha...
But I think, hubby is a bit jealous hehehe..!!!!

Anyway, it was another great wekend, and I know I've said this many times, but last wekend was also one of the best wekend here in Deutschland hehehe
There's more to come insyaAllah..
Thank you Allah for all the wonderful things that happened and for all the wonderful people around us, they've made our journey in Deutschland the most memorable ones.. :)


sitiezahim said...

hihii berapa u beli BM tu ana? wah lepas ni leh join the group meroti okey hihi..btw tak tahan tgk aleena..cair betul dia ngan mike ihihihi

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Waheahwah syoknyer tgk set corelle tuh......murah ek sana?

ummi_ziz said...

Wee byk nya corelle! ;)
Amboi aleena, mmg kamcing btol dgn Mike tu.. Ada imprinted ke? Hehe kidding..(tingat renesmee ank cullens dgn jacob ;D)

noorulaz said...

ewah2 aleena.. kemain dia.. no wonder her dad pun boleh jeles.. tambah2 gambar yang last tu.. ampunnn..

Alin Marlini said...

murahke coreele?

Ninie Hanis said...

wah..wah..aleena kemahin ye,mcm BFF dah gayanya.budak2 cepat kamceng ngan org yg dia suka kan? :)

byknya Corelle..tu collections sendiri ke org kirim?hehe..

mat saleh ni mmg suka nak tau culture org lain,mungkin sbb diorang sendiri tak byk budaya yg unik.kwn minah saleh kita kt sini pun suka noo makanan mesia,especially mee. :)

Frau Azmir said...

hajar: hehe, mike pun layan aje, soklan pasal BM rasanya dah jawab kat FB kan..

dinie : murah la jugak :) tapi x bnyk choice..

izu : hehe ade2 aje izu ni, mmg ngengade tau aleena ngan Mike, tak tahaaaann tengok hehe..

noorul : hehehe!!!!! ampuuuuunnn!!

Alin : murah jugak, tapi tak banyak choice :)

Ninie : itu la, mmg diorang ni excited je nak try makanan kita kan.. tapi ade jugak yg tak minat nak try makanan kita or ambik tau ape2 pasal budaya and culture kita, tapi yg akak kenal so far, semua nya mmg minat sgt2 nak tau budaya kita and nak try makanan kita, jadi sronok masak utk diorang hehe.. sbb semuanya pun sedap hehe!!

Corelle tu ada utk diri sendiri and ada jugak utk kawan2 dekat sini :)
melampau la klu buat collection bnyk camtu hehe

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