Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Ok la, this one will be short and brief as I don't have much time to write, I'm so occupied nowadays, and also I'm very sleepy right now hehe..

Today I'm one of the happiest mother on earth!

I picked Afeef up from school as usual today, and as usual too he would talk about his day, but today, he blurted out an extra special story:

He told me, he had an Israk Miraj talk in school today. He said, after the talk was over, there was a quiz, and there were 10 prizes to be won. And he said his friends were all crazy about the prizes except him.
And of course Afeef didn't win any, he didn't even try. 
I asked why?

He said this: 
"There's no need to win the prize, I've already won the best and biggest prize."
"Oh, really?? What's the prize then?" I asked. 
Still confused, I thought he said he didn't even try?

He said: "Afeef dapat ilmu la, itu la hadiah paling besar.." (The knowledge itself)

I was impressed! Amazed! This can't be from 10 year old, must be from his teachers or something?
But he said, nobody told him that, he thought of it himself. Wow....

Still in disbelief, I asked him to recap the talk. 
Oh masyaAllah, he told me details ok. 
Every details of Israk Miraj. 

This boy is special, and he is my son!!

"Which favors of your Lord would you deny...?" Surah Ar-Rahman.

That's not the end of the story just yet, after he finished with the Israk Mikraj story, he told me he received his grade for History test today. MasyaAllah again, he got an A for History!!!!

I couldn't believe it, only 4 people from his class got an A for History, and he is one of them and he's the only boy hehe...


I was driving and felt like I wanted to perform Sujud Syukur right there while driving! 

Ya Allah, there's so much Allah has given us, are we grateful enough? 
I may not have a career, a lot of money, and I wasn't a good student, nor daughter, and I've never felt so proud of anything until now. 

I'm so proud of my kids! :D

Ok ok, time to sleep, tomorrow is the beginning of another school holiday. 

The thing about being a housewife, anak2 cuti mama pun happy! 
And, Afeef will have to go through the scariest day for him tomorrow.
 Nak kena 'sunat' hehehe...
Looks like this long holiday will just be at home.... 
And home is always the best place to be (",)

Till later, Salam...

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matured nya dia hehehe

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