Sunday, June 1, 2014


They were best friends for..... 
As long as they can remember.
He was 7 month old when she was born.
Then they grew up together, they didn't live together, but they would meet each other almost every wekend when they were little (",)

They looked forward to it every wekend!

That's why they became like this:

Awwwwwwww..... Sweet kan?

They were so close to each other, they were best friends, they were cousins, they were like brother and sister!!!
They were then seperated, because we had to go to Germany.
And then they hadn't meet each other for a long time, but, when they meet again, they quickly hit it off!!!
 Like they have never been separated!

I quietly took their photos together hehe.. 
They're as close to each other now as they were before. Nothing's changed. Only that she speaks London now and Afeef speaks German hehe..


If 4 years ago there were only the TWO of them,


There's supposed to be one more person in this pic, but she just refused to be in this photo hehe. It's hard to keep the kids to stand still for a photo shoot. **sigh**
So, there are actually 5 of them now!
Afeef, Aishah, Sarah (Aishah's sister), Fatini and Aleena.

One thing remain the same: 
Afeef and Aishah have always been best friends and Aishah is like Afeef's sister.... Errrrr...
Actually, she is Afeef's sister (",) 

I breastfed Aishah a few times when she was a baby. (",) 

And, Aishah is like a daughter to me. During her stay at our place last school holiday, I've got nothing much to offer, you know, I'm just a housewife, I've got not so much money to buy her favorite toys, Barbie, My Little Pony, etc etc... What I could give her was a time together: making waffles, game, and an ear to listen to all her problems. We had such a great time together, and in the end, when school holiday was about to end, she said:

"I Love You So Much Aunty Na..." 


Till Later, Salam...

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sitiezahim said...

anak sedara kita mmg macam anak kita dah kan.. tp bila dia dah besar, kadang2 rasa sedih bila dia jarakkan diri dengan kita.. kalaulah dia tau sayangnya kita pada dia.. huhuhu

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