Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Teacher's Day 2014..

Back to Teacher's day a few weeks ago, as an appreciation to all teachers at PASTI, we gave one whole cake to them. It was a Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence. 

It was Friday, and both Fatini and Afeef also gave their teacher a bar of chocolate from Germany.
Fatini said her teacher jumped with delight whilst saying:
 "Ya Allah Ya Allah, chocolate dari German!"
"Cikgu suka sangat!"

I adore Fatini's teacher, she's very kind :) The kind of person you'd feel warm at heart just by looking at her.

Three days later, one of the cook there came to Fatini and said:

"Was it your mom who gave the Secret Recipe cake last Friday?"
After Fatini replied 'yes', she said:
"Mahal cake tu, makcik tak pernah beli.."
 "(That cake is expensive, I've never bought it..)"

Alahai... My eyes watered.... Some people really can't afford it.. Not even a slice of cake...

And what about us? How much have we spent on unnecessary stuffs?

"Which favors of your Lord would you deny?"

I'm sooo happy and thankful and grateful that Fatini is now surrounded with friends who can't afford to buy expensive stuffs. This way she'd learn to be grateful with what she has...
And this PASTI that she went to, is built under low budget, with low fees, and perhaps the teachers are underpaid too... 
But they are so sincere in giving knowledge to the children. I could see it.. 

I guess sending her to PASTI was one of the best decision I've ever made though I was so reluctant at first, given the poor condition of the place, but I'm glad that I followed my instinct ;) 

And Fatini now loves to give, she said her friends can't afford to buy this and that and she wants them to have what she has. 
So, from time to time I encouraged her to give something to her friends, stationaries, books etc etc.. 

Yesss... Like many said, there are far other better things there in other people's country. Like me, I can't stop comparing Germany and Malaysia, the schools, the people, the teachers, etc etc...
But, comparing and complaining won't solve the problems nor offer any solutions. Let's just start today showing good examples, things we've learned there in foreign countries.
After all, we are Muslims and we should be far better than them. 

Till Later, Salam.


Masitah Abdullah said...

k.ana, eta pernah kerja dengan pasti, jadi cikgu jugak, peruntukan utk cikgu cuma rm10 sehari. memang bajet sangat2 sikit. tapi kami cikgu2 ni sangat happy mengajr budak2. ade jugak cikgu yang x ambik bayaran pon, mengajar dengan ikhlas

Miss Anna said...

Eta, thanx for sharing this :) I've always wondered how much they were paid, tapi segan nak tanya kat cikgu fatini hehe, memang dah agak mesti sikkt, tapi tengok keikhlasan derang, masyaAllah, k.ana sendiri rasa someday nak volunteer jd cikgu kat situ klu ada peluang. Banyak sgt perubahan fatini sejak masuk PASTI. Mungkin sebab cikgu yg ngajar pun ikhlas, ilmu tu smpai, terkesan kat dia. Alhamdulillah..

kausar said...

oh my, fatini is such a sweet little girl..good sharing dear, never look down on maybe theyre way better than us...

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