Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Treat (",)

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Somebody asked, what are the changes in me after 4 years in Germany?

Okay, changes Number 1:

I became a scenery and nature lover.

Oh yes, my favourote is Sunset...
I feel so calm and peaceful just by watching the sun go down (",)

Changes Number 2:

To be shared later.... Hehe...

Anyway, Happy Mother's day to me... Hehe
I never bothered about Mother's day anymore since UAI once said, we as Muslims, should not celebrate it, so I totally forgot that today is Mother's day.

And as usual, Mr.Hubby never failed to surprise me, this is the changes in hubby after 4 years in DE!
He became a man full of surprises!

So, he went out with the kids today, and got home with a huge Secret Recipe's bag!!
Aleena and Fatini excitedly screamed Happy Mother's day!!
Adoi, what a memorable moment, I was deeply touched, a simple act that really made my day :)

So, this is the Mother's Day treat for me!!

Errrrr... Actually this is Aleena's left over, mine was Tiramisu and 90% of it has gone in my Tummy when I realized I hadn't snap any photos yet!
So, snap gambar cake yang dah penyek2 pun ok lah kan.. 

So, it's true when they say, "One of the best thing a father could do for their children is to love their mother..."

Mmmmmm... Ada kena mengena ke?

Never mind hehe..

Suddenly, I'm reminded of all the cards they made for me in school and kindergarten every Mother's day when we were in Germany.
If we're still there, I'm surely gonna get two more this year, one from Fatini and one from Afeef (",)
What a sweet memories... 

Till later, Salam...

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Norma NML said...

As slm..

Seronok kan bila sekali sekala dpt surprise mcm tu..btw..Selamat Hari Ibu Anna..:-)

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