Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let's learn to appreciate...

This is one of my delayed entries, I've been trying to finish writing it but somehow the mood to write is just not there huhuhu....

Something really hit me, let me tell you the whole story...
About a month ago, we went to the Zoo with Florian's family. They had planned to take us to the Zoo long ago, a day before Ramadhan. I think I've mentioned this before in one of my previous entries, here.
Although I felt a bit reluctant, I still appreciate their kindness. It's not that I don't like them, infact I like them very much. The problem is... Communication...
They don't really understand English let alone speak the language and my Deutsch is not so good as well, hehe.. (ntah bile nak good ntah hehe)
So, during Ramdhan, they had rang hubby twice and unfortunately, both times hubby had missed those calls.. I didn't feel bad or anything because I didn't really look forward to the zoo trip thing. Pehaps because I feel a bit awkward around them, you know, with my hentam kromo Deutsch and also sometimes I don't really understand what they were saying :D

To be honest, I did feel glad that hubby missed their calls :(
I'm such a terrible person.. why did I say so..?
ok, let me continue the whole story, two weeks passed after that missed calls that we never returned immediately, but of course we couldn't, because they'd called using their house phone, and the only thing displayed on the cell phone screen was 'private number'. Hubby tried call in Lilly's handy (Lilly is Florian's mom), but unfortunately, he got the number wrong, so we couldn't reach them, and we didn't even bother trying though we knew where they live. It's like we didn't give a damn bout the whole Zoo trip thing..
Then Aidilfitri came and we were busy with everything, we forgot bout them, we didn't even invite them over, we never returned their calls, of course we couldn't do so, because we didn't have their number, but when there is a will, there is a way rite???
Then, I also realized that it was always them who gave us a call... we never even bother huhu..
Then after bout two weeks had passed, I started wondering
'why didn't they try callin us again?'
Perhaps our silence had made them think that we didn't want to have anything to do with them anymore..
Oh no ! Yes it's true that I did feel a bit awkward around them, but I didn't want this wonderful friendship to end...
Realizing this, I told hubby to try watever possible way to contact them. What hubby did was searched for their office contact number, they owned a Clinic because Victor (Florian's dad) is a Physiotherapist, and Lilly is his assistant.
When hubby called, neither of them was around, they had gone home. We let a few days passed, because the coming Saturday was Embassy's Eid Celebration held in Frankfurt.
While we were in Frankfurt, Lilly called again, and asked us if it's possible to make the trip to the Zoo the next day which was Sunday. Feeling guilty for the pending Zoo trip, we just quickly agreed though we were very tired.
Fortunately (like I said before, I wasn't really looking forward to this whole Zoo trip thing) Afeef got a flu on that Sunday and I was so relief that again the Zoo trip had to be cancelled...
I sort of wished that they would just forget bout the Zoo trip :( huhu

Then, we were busy again with Eid's Celebration, we forgot bout them..
Then one Saturday, Lily called again and asked if we could make it to the Zoo that day, and hubby agreed though it was quite a short notice. I was a bit reluctant and mad because I didn't wanna go because I had other plans for that day, but since hubby had already agreed... well, I just had too..
Feeling soooo not up to it, I kept on thinking and complaining..;
"Why la they are so into this whole zoo thing..."

But silly me, I realized later, what a terrible person I am..

1) They came and pick us up with two cars, pick us up at home ok? Rite at our doorstep !!

2) They paid for the entrance tickets, for all of us !!

3) They took us to a cafe inside the Zoo for cakes, fries, tee, coffee, etc etc and they paid for everything, they refused to let hubby pays !!

4) Then they took us to a nearby funfair and again pay for everything..

5) Then, I've learnt that they've been to the Zoo many2 times, they even have the yearly ticket... What??
So... that's it, that's when it hits me, the whole idea for this Zoo trip thing wasn't for them, but for us, just for us.. they willingly volunteered to take us to the zoo without being asked, it's just something they wanted to do for a foreign people and a friend like us..
Take us to a place where they think would be interesting for us and the kids.. Padahal, why should they bother kan??
But they still tried their best, and I just felt so guilty for whatever feelings I had earlier, for never tried our best to return their calls, for not taking the whole Zoo trip thing seriously... I felt bad... I learnt my lesson..
They are just wonderful, kind, sweet, beautiful at heart, inside, outside, all the beautiful words in the world to describe them, and wonderful people like this, you won't meet everyday, it could be once in a lifetime..
I'm truly thankful for this chance..
I must appreciate them, as much as they appreciate us..
So kind and sweet of them..

The last time I met someone as wonderful as Lilly and Victor was over 10 years ago.. her name was Divvya.. I tried searching for her on Facebook but just couldn't find... I hope and hope that someday, we'll meet again.. :)

The kids were happy and they had a great time :)

Yang dua orang ni, macam pasangan kekasih pun ade hehe..

Look at how Lilly entertain Aleena..

Look at how Aleena loves her !! Lilly is special :)

The End :)

"Lets learn to appreciate what's around us.."


sitiezahim said...

hummm..meibi saya pon kene start appreciate orang di sekeliling saya..tapi kadang2 serasi tuh tak ada or dah hilang...entahlah

ishamizu said...

Aww so sweet them kNana! Ur so lucky..mmg ssh sgt nk jmp org mcm family florian tu. Tp mmg tak thn btol tgk gmbr intim afeef dgn flirian tuh. Haha bdk2 mmg innocent kn ;) nway may ur friendship with them lasts forever..:)

Frau Azmir said...

hajar: buatlah ape yg trmampu.. setiap org ade buruk and baik, diri kita sendiri pun camtu kan, dgn org2 yg kita ade problem with, bila kita rasa marah pd dia, kenang aje semua kebaikan2 die, insyaAllah kita akan hargai org tu, and lupa keburukan die.. tapi klu berulang2 lagi wlupun kita cuba utk appreciate die and buat baik pd die, then jauh kan diri aje, insyaAllah banyak lagi kawan2 lain yg lebih baik :)

Frau Azmir said...

izu: thanx izu, memang betul, bukan senang nak dapat kawan yg baik camni, and alhamdulillah akak berpeluang... kebanyakan org, buat baik bile berkepentingan atau membalas budi, tapi diorang ni lain, dr awal buat baik macam2 kat kitorang and most importantly, bukan sebab berkepentingan atau nak sesuatu dr kami atau pun nak balas budi.. kami x sempat pun nak berbudi ape2 ngan diorang, tapi macam2 diorang dah berbudi dulu.. x terbalas la rasenye huhu..

mommaholicSURI said...

This is a wake up call, for me. Thanks Kak Nana for sharing. Kadang-kadang kita mmg terlupa kejap, but alhamdulillah, bila kita realize, lepas tu ia membuatkan a relationship to become more meaningful, kan? :)
on the other hand, Anak bujang Kak Nana hensem sungguh!! ahak. :)

Frau Azmir said...

Nuurill: yes it's sooo true Nuurill, memang kita selalu lupe... kdg2 kita x sedar kebaikan seseorang tu sampai lah die hilang, then baru kita realize, and maybe dah too late... hopefully x jadi camtu..
anyway, hensem ek? hehe.. I think anak bujang Nuurill lagi hensem and adorable la !! :D

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