Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Visit to Florian's Home.

Ok, story isn't over yet... after that awesome trip to Bonn, we had to attend an invitation to Florian's home. They had invited us over for a bbq. Thought we were not gonna be able to make it becoz it had been a hectic wekend, but since they were so sincere and really wanted us to come, so we tried our best to make it :) and I'm glad we did :) We reached their place about 2pm.
Surprised to hear Florian's dad talking to my hubby bout fasting month, he even mentioned the word 'Ramadhan'.. I must say, he is a very knowledgeable man :)

They have a very beautiful house, I really really loved it.. with a tiny lawn for the kids to play..
Sampai2 je, terus semua busy nak main hehe

Florian and Afeef pulak just can't be away from each other in that few hours they had together.. so sweet..
Florian's mom said, Florian isn't happy anymore in kindergarten without Afeef there and he even keeps one of Afeef's photo at home.. awwwww, I felt so sad when I heard that... not only that I understand how he feels without his best friend around, but for the fact that someone here really2 appreciate Afeef as a friend... I don't know if Afeef will ever find a friend as nice as Florian here in Deutschland :(

The lawn is huge, very suitable for a bbq too..

Nice rite??

Inside is even more impressive, the whole house look so spic and span.. I'm very impressed...
Not a single dust was found, the glass door and all windows were shiny and glimmering..

The kitchen is even more impressive, everything is properly arranged.. :)

Papa, bawak2 bersabar la haha.. we were served with rice (something like fried rice, but their version), glass noodle, and some bbq meat, prawns etc..

mmmmm... Aleena's enjoying her meal.. Florian's mom so kind she even went to the cellar to get this baby chair for Aleena.. though I've insisted for her not to trouble herself, but she still wants to :)

After we had our lunch, they took us to a nearby park and to get there we must use this route.. Hutan rimba haha.. but nice and the air so fresh. Afeef and Florian couldn't get their hands off each other, I'm touched by the sight of them holding each others hand and the way Florian hugged Afeef, it's just soooo sweet :)

hehe... wonder where the stroller came from? The one that Aleena sits in belongs to Florian when he was a baby :) And look who's pushing the stroller :D

By the time we reached the park, Aleena's already asleep..

Tengok la Fatini pun dah manja dengan mama Florian laaa hehe..

After that, we went back to their place and had some coffee, cakes and cookies..
Great, the kids loved it..

About 6pm, we've decided to go home, they'd packed us some food (adoi baik nye) for sahur, so I didn't have to cook anything for sahur. And not just that, they'd even sent us home with their car.. and then make another plan to meet again next time, maybe we'll go to the zoo together..
They are so nice, I'm so touched by their kindness :)
Look at how Aleena pun dah mesra with Florian's mom :)

Though I felt a bit awkward sometimes for not being able to fully understand what they were saying nor unable to say what I wanted to say, but this is not some kind of a hindrance for us to hang out together and also this will be the turning point for me to be a bit serious in learning Deutsch... hehe..
Seriously, I started reading Deutsch book again, and learn the language online and also planning to register for the next level, (sblom ni dah plan nak berenti seketika hehe)...
Anyway, it was a moment I must cherished and glad that things just get better and better.. Alhamdulillah..


sitiezahim said...

baiknye kan..dan meal bukan main banyak hehehe...

Frau Azmir said...

aha baik sangat, meal pun banyak tu yg sampai diorang bungkus suruh bawak balik. tapi daging tu makan depan diorang je la, kat rumah x makan pun, terbuang gak sudah nye.

ishamizu said...

baiknya keluarga warm n down to earth kan..nway, rumah derg mmg cantiklah kan..ada lawn yg bsr..dkt ngan park yg punyai gojes scenery aihh untungnya Afeef,..hehehe...keep in touch smpi bsr tau Afeef...hihi..

iu rf said...

LIKE!!! =)

baiknya depa..
sama mcm jiran deutchs sy masa kat homburg... kdg2 rasa..

ya allah baiknya diorang ni.. kdg2 lebih baik drp kwn2 mesia kita kat sana..ehehhehe

alhamdulillah.. dpt rasa pengalaman dlu2 cmni kt cana.. :) mengimbau kenangan .. seronok rasa.!!

Frau Azmir said...

izu: memang rumah diorang cantek sgt, I LIkE!! cantik satu hal, bersih sangat2 tu yg kagum betul. satu habuk pun x de tau, berkilau2 semuanye hehe..
ye la izu, moga2 terus keep in touch sampai dah balik mesia nnt pun insyaAllah.. yg penting skang ni kena pandai Deutsch dulu!!

Frau Azmir said...

ayu: betul tu, akak banyak blaja kat sini, orang yg baik tu bukan mesti seagama or sekaum or sebangsa.. orang baik ade di mana2, dapat kenal and jumpa diorang, akak anggap tu semua rezeki alhamdulillah..
memang sronok la, banyak pengalaman dapat kat sini :)

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