Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Day @ School..

As usual, this story is a bit delayed.. Orang dah nak bukak cerita Raya, saya pulak baru nak cerita 'Hari pertama Afeef di sekolah' padahal dah 2 minggu dah ke sekolah, and memang dah basi sgt la cerita ni hehe..
Ape pun, nak jugak wat entry ni sebagai kenang-kenangan terindah hehe

Dats my boy! That thing he has in his hand is a gift from his previous kindergarten meant for his school. This is some sort of a tradition kot, every kid has one. And I personally think, Afeef punya paling comel ler hehehehe!!

Macam2 ade kat school Afeef ni..

Inside his classroom.

It's been two weeks, Every morning at 7.30am, Papa would take him to school and everybody must reach there by 7.55am. School finish at 11.50am everyday, hehe kejap je kan, sronok budak2 kat sini :)
So, my job is to fetch him from school everyday.. The school is only ten minutes away, but since it is located uphill, the journey has become half an hour for me and the two kids. I had to push the stroller up the hill, with only Aleena inside, that's if I'm lucky enough to persuade Fatini to walk, unfortunately, not everyday is my lucky day, she often wanted to stand at the back of the stroller, so I had to push both kids weighing approximately 26kg up the hill, while fasting and breastfeeding huhu.. can you just imagine... many days I just feel like nak 'berbuka puasa'.. huhu
But, it is a really good exercise for me, insyaAllah..
On the way back home is very relaxing, descending the hill took us only 10 minutes walk :)
The funny thing is, almost every time while we were heading home, we would bump into Afeef's classmate, most of them would scream excitedly from afar, from inside a car, from across the road,
"Halloooooo Afeef !!!"
And guess what, every time yg tegur ni, mesti budak perempuan... hehe... the most often is Emilia, the one sitting next to him now.. she is super friendly.. dengan mama ni skali die "Halooo" and "Tchus (bye)"
Nanti bila2 berkesempatan, I'll snap her photo, sanagt comel jugak Emilia ni :)

This how the school looks like from outside, ehem, abaikan budak boroi tu :P

So, everything went well for the past two weeks, Afeef has got two close friends already, Alhamdulillah, one is Bruno, (I dun have his photo yet) the other one neither me nor Afeef know his name hehe.. Afeef tau dah tapi die lupe pulak.. but last Friday when I pick him up, they were both walking hand in hand.. cute.. Afeef said they play a lot together but Afeef forgot his name.. ape laaa. haha..
Bruno's mom pulak very friendly, already planned to take Afeef to her house, oh rupe2 nye diorang ni memang pesyen nye camtu ye, bila dah anak nye ade kawan baik, mesti nak bawak ke rumah.. hehe.. ape2 je la... asalkan Afeef hepi :)
At least Bruno's mom ni bole cakap English la, jadi la, x la struggle mama ni nak cakap Deutsch yg ntah ape2 nih.. hehe


sitiezahim said...

comel afeef punye kon tuh (lupe dlm deutsch ape hehe)...mmm izzah pon buat sendiri..tak sabar2 dia nak gi schule..:D

Frau Azmir said...

hajar saya pun tatau ape name kon tu dalam Deutsch hehe, bagus la bersemangat nak gi skool, harap2 die hepi kat skool nanti. Afeef ni cam x berapa hepi je. tatau la nape.. saya doa je la, mintak2 die hepi nanti.

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