Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hi hi bye bye..

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Oh my...
It's been too long isn't it?

Nevertheless, I always miss writing here..
I don't know why and when I stopped writing? 

What brought me here then? 

A few weeks ago, I caught my 8 year old daughter, Fatini, quietly reading my blog! 
She seemed like she really enjoyed it. It made me think that I should, and I really should continue to write here for them, for the kids...
Besides, I really love writing on my blog!

Ok, so what have I skipped writing here?

But, I'm not going to write all those rotten stories, i'm going to start all over...
Oh my, you know what? 
Those images keep appearing in my head since I started writing just now. 
Those images, those stores I used to go to, those flowers, bare trees, dried leaves scattered all over the road, the sidewalk, those things I used to buy, those moments, it keeps lingering in my mind, even now, yes right now!
This blog really is a diary, not so much of a personal diary, but it is a diary...
Writing here is like going down the memory lane... I haven't even started reading it yet, already a lot of memories came flooding in haha!
It hurts, really...
I mean, it made me smile, but it hurts at the same time..
You know, it's like falling in love with someone who you can't have. hihi 💔💔💔

I'm babbling right?

Ok, so, enough for today, it's time to sleep.. 
hey it's 1.24am!

I'll write again later, inn shaa Allah....
bye and Salam...

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