Friday, July 4, 2014

Ramadhan 2014 (",)

Ramadhan Kareem....

Yeah yeah, almost a week now, and only now that I have the time to update my blog here!

If last year's Ramadhan was the most meaningful one, I hope this year's will be more than that... insyaAllah... (",)

Of course, somethings are just undeniably beautiful than those Ramadhan we had in Deutschland. Not the Bazaar Ramadhan ok! 
Frankly speaking, I haven't even gone to Bazaar Ramadhan yet! My heart is just not into it.

The beautiful thing that I've been missing out is: 
Tarawikh.... Tarawikh at the Mosque...
The first night of Ramadhan, I went to the mosque with my whole family, I had this feeling inside, didn't know how to describe it at first, than I knew what it was:
SYAHDU.... huhu
Sangat Syahdu... The Imam's voice, the crowd, the serenity... then I realized another thing, it's been 4 years, 4 times Ramadhan without Tarawikh at the mosque!
This is our first Ramadhan in Malaysia, our first tarawikh at the mosque after 4 years!!!

No wonder it feels soooo different.... but the best best part is of course the Kids. 
They enjoy going to the Mosque so much. Aleena's words everyday now:

"Bila nak malam ni? Aleena tak sabar dah nak pegi Masjid.." :D
Alhamdulillah.. Walaupun tak solat, hehe but she enjoy the place... ok la kan :)

Another best thing: Afeef fast on his own will... This year's Ramadhan I vowed that I would never offer anymore rewards, coz I've realized by offering Rewards, the kids would fast, FOR THE REWARD, NOT FOR ALLAH... it's totally wrong right.. If they can't fast, it's ok, they're just kids after all... the time will come when they're  ready.... and I've proved this right... 
Afeef has been fasting now from the first Ramadhan till now, and I did remind him to just break his fast if he feels too weak, but surprisingly he refused.. and now I know, he didn't chose to remain fasting because of any rewards, but for Allah.. or maybe because all his friends are fasting!! Haha..
It's ok, no matter what, I'm still sooooo proud of you  Afeef (",)

Another beautiful thing that I've been missing out during all 4 Ramadhan in Deutschland, were the sounds of people reciting the Quran from nearby mosques, bersahut-sahutan.... Beautiful... 
In Deutschland, the only sounds we heard when we woke up for Sahur was: "Ding Ding Dong, Ding Ding Dong!" haha

Ok, Lastly... It's Ramadhan, and we won't have Ramadhan all the time, and Ramadhan will leave again, but one thing for sure, we are here now, given the chance to experience Ramadhan again.. either we really bring something out of it or we just let it pass us by.. and who knows, we might not be here again next Ramadhan.. This could be our last...
So, grab the chance! 

"Yang Mengampunkan dosa, dan Yang Menerima taubat; Yang Berat azabNya; Yang Melimpah-limpah kurniaNya; tiada Tuhan melainkan Dia; kepadaNyalah tempat kembali"
(Al-Ghafir: 3)

Taubat itu Indah.... :')

Till Later, Salam..

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sitiezahim said...

Betul. Tapi saya rindu jugak ramadhan dochland.. Rindu tadarus beramai2 walau online. Alhamdulillah kita dapat merasa 2 pengalaman berbeza kan

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