Monday, August 19, 2013

A New HoBBy... Hehe..


Nowadays, I kinda addicted to something, something I've never paid so much attention to before..
And.... I've learnt it from friends around here in Deutschland.
And it became a new hobby hehe...
What is it then??

It must have something to do with the Dream camera I'd talked about in my previous entry... Hehe..

I like I like I like!!!

Ok, let's check out what this dream camera of mine could do...
Some people call it a compact DSLR, DSLR alternative, or a pocket DSLR..
Let's see if it's as good as DSLR camera...
Or close to it...

I've done a little photo shoot recently, but not so much....

So, the first one, are the photos of nature;

We'd gone to Sunflowers field recently, and this is one of the photos taken...
And I must say, I'm very satisfied and very impressed too with the quality of each photos.

I've mistakenly used different mode while capturing this photo of a butterfly, I should have used the Macro mode which produces a sharp and precise image of small objects. 
But still, it is waaaayyy satisfying for me despite the wrong mode used hehe..

See how it captures the water droplets so finely??

Next, some photos taken inside the house :

This one was taken inside a Restaurant.

And a photo of food:

Nice isn't it? 
Or am I the only one 'syok sendiri' with the photos?? 

And a photo of the moon:

I have to learn how to capture a better photos of the moon using this camera.
I've seen photos of the moon taken by someone using the same camera, and he managed to capture the moon so beautifully... 

Below are photos of Sunrise:

I used two different modes, on the left I used the Scene mode and on the right, I used Auto intelligent mode. 
I think they're both beautiful :)

And lastly, and of course most importantly, are the photos of my three lovely MODELS!

Gambar sexy turut tak terkecuali hehe...

And the best part about this camera is that, it is smaller compared to most DSLR camera, Pocket-friendly and Power-packed too!
Interesting isn't it...

I have friends who rarely carry the bulky DSLR camera with them because of the size and etc, so this one is actually a highly reccommended alternative ;)

So, that was all for now..
There are many many other photos, and overall, I think all of them are very very impressive..
As for me, who only want beautiful photos, something easy to handle on the go, something I can grab and bring with me wherever I go, lighter, and never planned to become a profesional photographer, it's just something I wanna do as a hobby, so, this camera is enough, so enough..... but for those who wants to venture further into the world of Photography, then you should get the real DSLR :)

Ok, I feel like I'm writing a camera review or something haha.
But I was asked to give a review of this camera a few days ago, mmmmm... 
I sensed someone might follow my footsteps! 

Ok, that's all for now, I'm going to shoot more and more!
Till later, Salam..

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