Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CoLorS Of LiFe.... :D


Ramadhan's over...
So, what's new this Ramadhan?

Let's make this one short and meaningful...

I think this year's Ramadhan, in my 33 years of life (alhamdulillah) was by far the most meaningful Ramadhan for me.
I had learnt a lot, I made some new amazing friends, friends who would share and care, friends who were so determined in seeking Allah's blessings, I'd learnt that something that you feel so reluctant to do in the beginning might turn out to be something you really look forward to everyday, so don't just dismiss any chance you have to do good deeds, it might turn out to be the best ever thing in life!

I realized that opportunities for us to bring ourselves closer to the Creator are everywhere, around us, sometimes soooo near but often we let them pass us by.
So, grab the chance while you still have the chance! 
I'd learnt that, if we turn to Allah for help, and rely on Him, I mean really really rely on Him, then our problems are solved in the most amazing way. 
You don't need anyone to listen to your problems, enough Allah alone, He owns our hearts and everything else in this whole wide world, so isn't He the one who can make you feel sad or happy in a blink of an eye? 

"Allah is sufficient for me. None has the right to be worshiped but He, in Him I put my trust & He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne."  (9:129)

Ok, lastly, one of the most memorable day happened last Ramadhan..
Yes, it was 2nd of August...
It was supposed to be an important day, but somehow, it didn't feel as important as it should be..
I even hid the date from my Facebook timeline, for the first time in life, I didn't want anybody wishing me.. 
I mean, I appreciate those who'd wished, but I didn't want everyone on Facebook being reminded of it!
I just wanted to let those who wished be friends and family who really remembered it at heart :) 

But, as I received a few wishes throughout the day, my own husband did not wish me at all...
In the evening, he went out with the kids, and I was at home busy cooking for iftar, as Mike was coming over to experience iftar with us, (his second time actually) and I couldn't help but feel a lil bit sad, though I kept telling myself that it's ok if hubby forgets..
It's not important anymore right? 

And I had so many negative thoughts about him, like how could he forgets?
How could he not even wished me? 10 years of marriage and he starts to forget important dates?

I felt guilty at some point, it was Ramadhan and there I was having negative thoughts about my own husband..
So, in the end, I just dismissed all negative thoughts, and kept telling myself that it's ok if he forgets.. :D
And I cooked and cooked with Love..

Then he returned home with the kids, and as Fatini entered the door, she blurted;
"Mama, hari ni birthday mama!"

And papa was holding a bag with a box in it, and he just gave me this one look and I couldn't help but smiled and I asked him if he just remembered? 
He didn't answer, but I knew he bought a cake for me!
I started to feel a lil bit excited, well at least he'd remembered eventually ;)

But when Mike arrived...

He brought cookies arranged on a plate like pic below:

And below the plate, was another small glass container, and I took a glimpse at it and saw only white kitchen tissue paper, wrapped around something. 
I asked him, 
"So what's in here?"
He said, 
"Cookies, just cookies..."
I couldn't help wondering, why did he put cookies this way?? Isn't one plate enough?? Haha

It was about half an hour before iftar, so I decided to just place all the cookies on the table, so I started to unwrapped the glass container...
Oh my....
What's in here??!!
I remember feeling so confused as I saw the red box inside, nothing occured to me just yet.... 

And hubby and Mike pretended like they knew nothing about the red box, how it got there, haha!

And when I took the box out, and unzipped it, and that's when everything hit me... and what I saw inside nearly took my breath away, I couldn't believe it, I couldn't describe how I felt, shock, disbelief, touched, all at the same time!!

I was utterly speechless....

So, I cried and cried and cried and cried...... 
And I couldn't stop..
And I couldn't control myself...
And the kids panicked and kept asking over and over again 
"Mama, why are you crying?"
And they all looked so worried and confused, why mama's so upset?? Haha
Afeef even said, that I should be happy not sad..

So I told him, "I'm so happy that's why I'm crying" he just looked at me, confused :D

At this time, Mike and hubby were so busy taking my photos haha, while I couldn't stop crying!!
I was deeply touched, so so DEEPLY TOUCHED, not so much for the dream camera, but for the people around me, for their efforts, and for all the accusations I had in my head earlier about hubby had forgotten my birthday, and I was mad at him, when actually he remembered it all the time and had even planned a huge surprise for me and what's more, together with Mike!!
And what's more?
I had not even the slightest idea about it!!
I mean, I knew he went out once together with Mike during Ramadhan just a few days before my birthday, but it didn't occur to me AT ALL that they went to get birthday present for me!

They're so sweet that I feel like hugging them both! But of course I hugged only hubby hehe..

So, as requested by everyone, I blew candles though I couldn't remember when was the last time I blew candles on my birthday cake :)

Though every year hubby always wished me, and bought me presents and cakes, but, we've never really celebrated.. 
And we only really celebrate birthdays for the kids...

The whole thing was totally unexpected,
A dream camera which I thought would only remain a dream, and a wonderful friend to be a part of all these...
I was speecheless...
And I felt so blessed....
We are going to leave Deutschland soon, and already there's so much to be remembered and cherished and longed for..
I still smile so huge whenever I think of that day... :D
And it was Ramadhan :D
And not just any Ramadhan, it was the most meaningful one...

On the 1st day of Syawal, Afeef went to the Masjid with hubby, hubby gave him € 2 as his 
weekly allowance that same morning, and while at the Masjid, there's a donation box, and Afeef gave away his € 2 for donation. 
Later, we went to a friend's house for Eid celebration, and Afeef received a total of € 20 as 'duit raya'
He was so happy, but the happiest part for me was when he came to me and said, that he'd given away € 2 for donation, and he got back € 20.
He said:
"Betul mama cakap, kalau kita selalu sedekah Allah bagi yang lebih lagi."

There's nothing more valuable than precious lessons learnt by your children and you watch with your own eyes how they apply them in life :) 
It's amazing...

Lastly, apart from the most meaningful Ramadhan, we also had one of the most meaningful Aidilfitri celebration with friends who are like family members.
This year's celebration was in Bonn, Germany...
Alhamdulillah for all great and memorable moments together... :)

And to both Mike and Mara, who have finally found each other, I pray for their happiness always. 
I'll definitely miss them someday...


I guess, life has an interesting way of splashing surprises down your way and making you come out of it, a better person. 

Till later, Salam... :')



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