Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Perfect Summer Activiity~~ Strawberry Picking :)

It is Summer, it is sometimes too hot just like in Malaysia, and sometimes it is cold... But not too cold... Just nice I would say ;)
And every Summer, it is a must to go for Strawberry picking!!

Yeah, we went for it two weeks ago, it was a hectic wekend;
On Friday we went to a friend's house to celebrate their kids birthday, got home late at night, then on Saturday early in the morning we'd left for Bonn, for Flohmarkt (something like carboot). 
This time we didn't go there to buy anything, but we just wanted to give Afeef a chance to try something which he had been asking for so long...
He'd always  wanted to sell some of his stuffs in Flohmarkt, and..... well yeah, he made it this time after so long of contemplating on how, when and where should we start...  and he earned 9euro selling his things.. Ok lah, not bad for a beginner.. InsyaAllah when I'm in the mood to write more, I'll share that Flohmarkt story.
Also, we had a little picnic with some friends in Bonn, touched by their effort to meet us, then lepaking at a friend's house until about 9pm, then drove home and reached home late at night haha, then on Sunday we went for strawberry picking! And also Sunflower field hunting again!! It was fun!

This was the Birthday's celebration of the world's cutest kids other than my kids haha!

The next day: Photoshoot at Flohmarkt before we looked for our friends and their spot...

The next day: Sunday, we went hunting for Sunflower field, but unfortunately, it wasn't ready yet....
Kinda frustrated because I kinda looked forward to this one... Really is crazy over Sunflowers... 

And also, Strawberry picking!
Mmmmmm... Nyum nyum nyum...

Ready kids??!!! 

And lastly...


   When there's lots of Strawberries, it is always a must that I make this...


 Strawberry Shortcake!!
Really is delicious! Maybe the freshly picked Strawberries contributed to the extra delicious taste.

Really easy to make, all you gonna need:

~~ A spongecake. You can bake it yourself or buy the ready made.
~~ 300g Cream Cheese.
~~ 250ml Whipping cream.
~~ 1/2 cup of sugar.
~~ A teaspoon Vanilla essence.
~~ Lots and lots of Strawberries.

1: Cut your sponge cake into 3 layers. Put aside.
2: Mix cream cheese ang Sugar thoroughly using a mixer. Add in Vanilla. Mix some more. 
3: Add in Whipping cream and continue mixing until the batter becomes fluffy. 
4: Spread the batter evenly on the first layer of sponge cake, arrange cut strawberries nicely on top of it, then cover with another layer of sponge cake. And repeat procedure until you finish everything!
A perfect dessert for Summer!

Ok, that's all for today.. More stories later, insyaAllah...
Afeef had Karate tournament last Saturday, can't wait to write about that when I have the time..
Till later, Salam...


sitiezahim said...

bes la sana ada kebun sunflower hehehe

iu rf said...

best nya strawberyyyyyy!!! nyummmmmmm

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